npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  Sharing Experiences : From Teachers

Working at NPS has been an enriching experience. Every day brings with it a plethora of opportunities and new learning. I look forward to working in collaboration with my colleagues and students for the fruition of our goals and aspirations.
Ms. Indu P Menon

The best way to learn is to teach. Teaching in NPS has taught me to see clearly that, learning can only take place in an environment where ideas replace boundaries. I have experienced fulfillment in my job as we follow the adage – stop only when there is nothing left to do. The constant strive for perfection has always led me to excel beyond my limitations, and achieve goals. The quest for knowledge is nurtured in every student so that their innate curiosity will ultimately lead them to achieve greater heights.
Ms. Rashmi M N

At NPS (HSR Layout) I am learning about education in the truest sense of the word. Here it is the systematic instruction in academics and training given to the young in preparation for the work of life.

Teachers help students apply what they learn at school and prepare students to address a large audience on stage. Teachers at NPS HSR Layout are encouraged to challenge students to reach their full potential, and to go beyond minimum competency.

As a teacher I have learnt the importance of planning and time management. I consciously raise my own standards and bring out my best every single day. And I find myself smiling all along...
Nimi Kumar

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