npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  About The School : School Schedule
The school day begins with the assembly at 8.15 a.m. and ends with the National Anthem at 2.55 p.m. Students of grades 9 - 12 may be called for extra classes on Saturdays should the need arise.

The entire academic year is divided into two semesters - the first semester extends from June to September/ October and the second semester ends in March.

  • Assembly
  • School Prayer
  • School Anthem


The morning School Assembly helps in instilling a sense of togetherness at the very beginning of the day. The students from Grade 1-12 assemble on the school ground in an orderly manner. They sing the school prayer in unison. This brings about an atmosphere of serenity and peace. It helps teachers and students to gain quiet focus upon the tasks that need to be accomplished during the day. Students of the Primary School perform in a theme-based assembly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It mainly includes a thought for the day, a news update and a brief, but thought-provoking presentation on a chosen theme.

A similar assembly is put up by Senior students on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Assembly for Kindergarten students is held every morning. It comprises of a prayer, physical exercises and meditation.

These assemblies help develop public-speaking skills and foster the confidence in students that they need in order to speak effortlessly before a gathering. They also provide wholesome entertainment and information to the audience while bringing in camaraderie between students of all grades.


This is my prayer to thee my Lord
Strike, strike at
the root of penury in my heart.
Give me the strength
lightly to bear my joys and sorrows
Give me the strength
to make my love fruitful in service
Give me the strength
never to disown the poor or
bend my knees before insolent might
Give me the strength
to raise my mind high above daily trifles
And give me the strength
to surrender my strength
to thy will with love.


Lord help us to reach out to others
In the midst of our darkness shining
Let the light of our alma mater shine on us
Set us free from the shackles of ignorance
Shine on us, Shine on us
Shine let it shine
Fill our school with honour and glory
Blaze, spirit blaze
Set our hearts on fire
Flow, river flow
Flood our nation with peace and harmony
Help us reach out, reach high, reach beyond!
Lord, help us to reach high above us
Keep our feet ever firm on the ground
Lord, we come to your mighty presence
From the shadow into your radiance
Shine on us, Shine on us - Shine let it shine
Lord, help us to reach beyond horizons
Show us a vision that's filled with your wisdom
Mirrored here may we shine and endeavour
Glorify the name of NPS forever
Shine on us, Shine on us - Shine let it shine!

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