npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore


Graduation Day

On 24 th March 2017,the Senior Kindergarteners were geared up for their big day as they would graduate to Grade 1, ready to join the whole new world of fun and serious work. It was indeed a pleasure to watch the students walk down with confidence and poise on the red carpet to receive their certificates.

Post Office

In the fast evolving world of real time and quick responsive communication medium using Face Time, Whatsapp, Emails etc, the postal system has played a pioneering role as one of the first channel of connecting our world. In order to understand and appreciate this communication system, students of the Montessori were taken to Kormangla Post office on January 27 th 2017. The children were fascinated by the complex process of receiving, handling, sorting and delivering thousands of letters. Further, to make this experience personalised the seniors of Montessori had their hand written personal missives for their loving parents in inland letters marked and delivered through the same post office.

It was truly a fun filled and enlightening hands on experience on the importance of communication in connecting the world.

Family Day

Family is an integral part of our lives. Global Montessori Centre celebrated Family Day on 17 th March, 2017 through a Show and Tell event. Children brought in family pictures, charts depicting family tree and various memoirs. They passionately spoke about their loved ones and shared anecdotes and experiences. The day signified the importance of family in child’s holistic development.

Experiment on Germination

On 2 nd March 2017, the senior children of GMC conducted an experiment on germination to understand and value the life cycle of plants. This week long experiment witnessed the kids meticulously preparing their own pots, planting seeds and nurturing the plants through water and sunlight. It was truly a fun filled learning experience for everyone.

Field Trip to Girias Explorium

The world of science is fascinating, mystifying and exciting. To nurture the growing interest in science among children, Global Montessori Centre organised a field trip to Girias Explorium on 3 rd March 2017. The place provided great fun, learning and scientific experience to the students. They enjoyed the various interactive play and learning that happened across a wide range of topics that science touches in our everyday life. The trip helped the students to develop a deeper appreciation for our environment and the wonders of science.

Presentation on Safety

There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and there is nothing more important to our future than the safety of all our children. In order to create awareness among the students about the importance of safety and be alert of their surroundings, Global Montessori Centre conducted a Power Point Presentation on Safety. The presentation was directed towards helping students understand what precautions and measures they should take to avoid or respond to an untoward incident. The lessons on safety was vital and important for the well- being of the students.

Graduation day

The graduation in Montessori is an important milestone in the lives of the students, given the strong and rigorous preparation spanning 3 years to build the foundation of learning. Global Montessori Centre celebrated this special occasion on 30 th March 2017. The juniors performed foot tapping dance numbers for their seniors. Students were taken down memory lane through a display of memorable pictures over the course of last 3 years.

Pongal Celebrations

The most important festival of India is the harvest festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal across the nation in different names such as Pongal, Sankranti ,Lohri and Uttarayan. Global Montessori Centre celebrated this festival on 13 th January with excitement and fervour. The teachers organised harvest mock ups and conducted an educational session through a Power point presentation.

Hat Day

Show and Tell: The Montessori children were all dressed up in colourful and vibrant hats as we celebrated the hat day on 9 th January, 2017. The learning of the day was to help the children understand and appreciate the history of hats and how each hat symbolise the different traits, culture and professions.

Life cycle of a Frog

One of the many things that fascinate children are creatures that move around in land and water. On December 2 nd , 2016 faculty of Montessori presented a power point on the life cycle of a frog, which helped the students appreciate and learn more about amphibians.

Show and Tell

Transportation has been a catalyst for civilization, industrialisation and globalisation. The vast and important aspect of our life was explained through a show and tell session by the Montessori children. The students used different mediums such as charts, models, toys and songs to help each other appreciate and understand this topic. The topics ranged from modes of transportation across land, air and water of the present and past. It was a good learning experience for the students.

Christmas Celebration

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la....

Christmas, the season for sharing and caring was celebrated in the pre-primary section with a lot of cheer and charm on the 23 rd December 2016. The children all dressed in the Christmas colours came tapping in along with the harmonious carols welcoming them. Teachers and children made merry as their favourite Santa came singing yo ho ho and danced around the beautifully ornamented Christmas tree. The students looked forward eagerly to the secret Santa gifts and enjoyed them thoroughly.

Children's Day Celebration

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future" - J F Kennedy.

Monday 14 th November, celebrated as Children’s Day in India, was also celebrated with great gusto amongst the Pre Primary students. The morning sun shone brightly on the little ones as they walked into the school gates dressed in hues of pink and blue. The excitement of the day started soon after the morning Assembly. The students were all seated and ready to watch a Magic show. Later they all enjoyed the games organized by their teachers. To end the wonderful day on a sweet note, the students went home with a chocolate and a gift!

Field Trip to Martin Farm

Field trips are always exciting and a trip to a farm is guaranteed fun. The senior Kindergarteners’ trip to Martin Farm, Sarjapur Road on the 11 th of November 2016, was a memorable one. On reaching the farm, the children were given a warm welcome by the staff there including Dusty, the Labrador.

The children enjoyed their time with the various animals and birds housed there like turkeys, emus, Australian partridges, sliding turtles, pigs, cows, goats and cows. The high point of the trip was when the children learnt to feed the animals there. A lot of learning happened too as they observed the animals in their natural habitat and more importantly learned the importance of zero-wastage, reuse of materials and keeping our surroundings clean.

Children being the happy naturalists they are, fit into this serene world with great joy.

Nanhe Sur

The parents and Faculty of GMC witnessed a wonderful rendition of heart soothing rhapsody called "Nanhe Sur" by the Montessori children on its Annual Day held on November 25 th ,2016.This was the children's first ever stage performance but they conducted themselves with absolute confidence and panache much to the delight of everyone gathered for the event. The atmosphere was electrifying with the delightful string of melodious songs ranging from evergreen children's classics to popular regional numbers. The memories of this day will be cherished by all for days to come.


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