npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore


Face Painting Competition

A face painting competition was held on 24 June 2016 on the topic Navarasas. All the navarasas came alive on the faces of the participants. The competition helped unleash the creativity and latent potential of the student participants.


An abstract art painting competition was held in the first week of July on the topic 'An Exploration through Space'. The students created magic with their creative strokes, novel techniques and vibrant colours. The competition served to bring out the best in the students.

Floral carpet

‘Floral carpet’ was an inter-house floral design competition held for students from grade 6-8. Each house represented a particular aspect of their chosen state through floral art. The floral designs were all colourful and spectacular.

Dance competition

Inter- House dance competition for Grades 6-11 was held on 5 th December 2016. The theme for the competition was 'Relationship'. The dancers with their graceful movements portrayed the theme of relationship between a mother and a child, between siblings and also between a dancer and dance, with élan. There were touching and poignant moments when the teams depicted the theme. The highlight of the day were the dancers of Primary school who performed with great confidence on stage. The audience enjoyed every moment of the competition.

Quiz Competition

The inter house quiz competitions for the grades 6-8 and 9-11 were held on 11 th and 23 rd November 2016 respectively. Students were tested on the topics- Science, Sports, Technology. Three shortlisted students from each house made it to the quiz finale. The finale entailed of 3 rounds -GK Straight, Connect and Rapid Fire. The battle of brains received an enthusiastic response from the participants and the audience.

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