Parent Engagement Programme, 2018

Parent Engagement Programme, 2018 was an initiative to celebrate the invaluable contribution of our parents in encouraging the overall growth of our children. Research shows that children whose parents are actively engaged in their education are more successful than others. The parents of the students of Grade 7 spared their valuable time and readily volunteered to conduct an array of exciting workshops and seminars for their children on subjects like Bird Watching, Smart Homes, 3D Painting, etc. The culmination Programme, which the students presented for their parents on a thank you note, was also a resounding success.

Little Sisters of the Poor“There is nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of the people in this community” - Frank Guzzetta

At NPS HSR, we believe that encouraging students to be actively engaged in community service will not only have a positive impact on their character building but will also provide service to those who need it the most. In keeping with this thought, on 14 August 2018, the students of Grade 10 NPS, HSR visited the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’, an old age home, and met the senior citizens residing there. All students contributed in donating necessities like washing powder, rice, and dal to the organization. The students later on, presented some songs, dance and a skit, which was greatly appreciated by the members of the old age home. All students enjoyed visiting and connecting with the senior citizens and they spent a lot of time in meaningful and impactful sharing. This memorable experience will forever remain in all of our hearts.

Agara Government School – On 22 August 2018, it was the turn of Grade 9 students to turn into facilitators for the students of Agara Government School. It was their turn to give to the society. The trip to the School was an enriching activity for students of both the schools. Students of NPSHSR became young mentors by teaching them English Grammar, Basic Trigonometry, Science (Difference between plant and animal cell), Arts and Craft (Best out of waste). They also organized a football match. It was a session of learning and playing using creative and innovative methods.

Our students also learnt something very important that day. They learnt to count their blessings and realized that they are far more privileged than they could have imagined. And best of all, they learnt the joy of giving.

Collection Drive for Flood Victims – As Kerala battles its worst flood in a century, it is time for us to act and do our bit for the flood hit victims of the state. On 18 August 2018, students and teachers of NPS HSR along with Ms. Madhu Nichu and Mr. Dev, members of the RFI, rose to the occasion and donated generously to do their bit to alleviate the plight of the people who have been rendered homeless due to the havoc wrecked by heavy rains.

As a matter of fact, in NPS HSR the response for donations was overwhelming. It was truly heart- warming to see students and staff segregating, packing and loading three truckloads of relief items to be dispatched to the designated places. The collection drive which continued through the day was successful.

Green Brigade – In keeping with the government’s vision of ‘Swatch Bharath’, NPS HSR launched its ‘Green Brigade’ on 14 August 2017 to monitor the cleanliness of the school and spread awareness among students about environment and nature. The team through a special assembly sensitized the students about the need to protect our environment. An entertaining skit was performed by the students, to drive home the message that the onus lies on each one of us to keep our environment green and clean. The students also took an oath to make their country greener and cleaner.

Pay it Forward – Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.

‘Pay It Forward’ is a unique initiative taken up by the National Public School, HSR, to inculcate the spirit of giving back to the society, among the students. The project was launched on 12 June 2017, the Founder’s Day of NPS HSR. The students of the school welcomed this project with great zeal and acceptance. Many of our students echoed the same sentiment when asked about what they felt about the new project- “Such small initiatives help us to develop a better personality, learn moral values and grow into better human beings. I look forward to more such initiatives.“
- Ayushi Jain, Grade 11.

The Peace Run – A special assembly was organized for the students of primary school on 8th August 2017 by the Peace Runners of Sri Chinmoy Oneness Home Peace Run, invited by Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA).

After a mesmerizing invocation dance, the students presented their interpretations of the word ‘PEACE’. The Peace Runners representing various countries, conducted fun-filled activities with students to invoke the spirit of optimism, love and oneness. The peace torch was passed from one student to another akin a global torch relay that embodies humanity’s universal aspiration for peace amo ng people of all nations.