npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  School Programmes

Graduation Ceremony

National public school, HSR Layout celebrated its 7 th graduation ceremony on the 20 th of January 2017. Mr. Mohit Saxena, co-founder and chief technology officer, Inmobi was the guest of honour for the evening. In his convocation address, he urged the students to be at the forefront of innovation and change. The chairman, Dr KP Gopalkrishna stressed on the importance of positive thinking. Dr Bindu Hari, Vice chairperson and Director NPS group of schools, NAFL and TISB discussed the challenges of new age parenting, besides impressing upon the students the need to face challenges head on. The principal, Ms Shefali Tyagi in her declaration address, quoting the words of the renowned poet Khalil Gibran, emphasized the need to cultivate an attitude of detachment. The graduation ceremony witnessed 65 graduating students bid adieu to their alma mater, but not before they took a solemn oath to do their school proud and be of service to the society.

Hastakala A Celebration of Art

NPS HSR's 'Hastakala: An Art and Craft Exhibition' witnessed an eclectic display of spectacular artistic creations by the students of the school, on 22 nd December 2016. Vibrant colours, magnificent strokes and multiple shades were coalesced to make breathtakingly beautiful works of art. The exhibition saw a display of theme based paintings, naturalistic and realistic paintings, coffee painting, zentangle painting and abstract painting. The tiny tots used crayons, colour pencils and paints to create their beautiful theme based drawings. The senior school students dabbled with doodling, coffee art, abstract painting and realistic art. Canvas painting and fabric painting were the other art forms on display. The exhibition served to unleash the creative potential of the students. The event was attended by many enthusiastic parents and the exquisite creations of these young artists left them visibly impressed.

Entrepreneurship Programme

The entrepreneurship programme held at NPS HSR provided the young student entrepreneurs an opportunity to nurture their business acumen. The journey from the conceptualization of a business idea to its launch and delivery was a masterpiece of strategy and planning. The entrepreneurs conducted an extensive market survey before arriving at a workable business idea. Through their expert business presentations and market analysis, they won over the prospective investors, their parents. The stake holders who were convinced about the financial responsibility and business skill of these young entrepreneurs invested in their business ideas. The young business men and strategists began work on their ideas and products with this investment. The market day saw a sale of plethora of products ranging from garden kits and saplings to coasters, table mats, and table organizers. With an efficient and effective marketing team in place, the teams made impressive sales and reaped huge profits. The proceeds from the sales were donated to charity. The programme helped provide the students a real world business awareness.


Odyssey, held on July 15 th 2016, was above and beyond, one of the most exciting events of this year. The atmosphere on the day was a heady mix of nerves, euphoria, laughter and excitement. The uniqueness of the events, contestants at the top of their game, and the adrenaline rush of unadulterated competition made this fest unlike any other. From Mind-Zoeked, our treasure hunt to Aera, the evergreen fashion show, the participants dazzled, and the audience remained enthralled. A fruit of more than two month’s toil, sweat, and tears, Odyssey 2016 has definitely revolutionised the interschool fest circuit!

Kannada Habba

NPS HSR celebrated its maiden Kannada Habba – a cultural extravaganza from the 2nd to 4th of November 2016. The cultural fest began with a magnificent rendering of the Kannadanaada geethe by the teachers of the school, that resonated the soul and spirit of Karnataka,. The Principal Ms. Shefali Tyagi lit the lamp and declared the festival open. In keeping with the festive spirit, the school campus was adorned with cultural artefacts, which symbolized the rich culture of Karnataka. The yellow and red Karnataka flag waving in the wind kindled patriotic fervour amongst the audience. The support staff of the school also rose up to the occasion and sang a melodious Kannada song. ‘Onnaka Obbava’, a dance drama by the students, portrayed the valour of a woman who solely and fearlessly fought the troops of Hyder Ali that besieged the city of Chitradurga. This was followed by a dollu kunitha performance by a renowned troupe from Ramnagar. The performers arrayed in circles engaged in swift and vigorous dance movements. The skill and muscle power of the performers left the audience clamouring for more.

On November 3, 2016, Harikatha by Shri Prabhat marked the cultural day celebrations. Shri Prabhat began his religious discourse by taking the audience through the stories behind the name of Bangalore. He then went on to narrate the story of the great poet Purandaradassa. Drama, philosophy, poetry and music were seamlessly interwoven into the narration. The narration through a flight of imagination transported the audience into ancient times.

On November 4, 2016 Yakshagana- a theatrical performance by a famous troop from Karkala- brought the cultural day celebrations to an imposing and impressive end. The artists’ elaborate costumes and make up instantly caught the fancy of the young audience. The performers, clad in vibrant and rich costumes, narrated the story of Luva Kusha through their dance, drama, music and dialogues. Students declared that the festival was culturally enlightening and also added that they were eagerly looking forward to the next cultural fest. Kannada Habba was a resounding success and it left the spectators visibly impressed.

Onam Celebration

A special assembly was organised on 21st September 2016 by the students of Grades 9, 10 and 11 to commemorate Onam and to create an awareness among the student community on the rich cultural heritage and diversity of our country. The programme started off with an interesting skit which depicted scenes from mythology showing the origin and significance of this festival. A melodious rendition by the students followed the skit. The Assembly concluded with the traditional dance form –Thiruvathira kali presented by the teachers. The Assembly was well received by the audience.

International Yoga day

A special assembly was organised on 21st June 2016 by students of grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 to commemorate the world yoga day.

The assembly traced the origin of yoga and reflected on its physical and mental strength building powers. The assembly served to impart to the audience lessons on the benefits of yoga. The students also performed a few yoga asanas on stage. The assembly was well received by the audience.

Sports Day

The NPS HSR Sports event 'Spoorti' held on 11th August, 2016 at TISB began with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The day unfolded in spectacular style with a crisp March Past by the senior school students. Cricketing legend Mr.Venkatesh Prasad was the guest of honour. His sport's day address highlighted the importance of team spirit and 'intelligent playing'.

The address was followed by a drill display by the exuberant children of primary school, in the spirit of the ensuing Olympics and the Independence Day. Their Drills were dedicated to the Indian Sports stars like Milkha Singh and Mary Kom. The drill by middle school symbolised freedom from oppression through their display titled Aseem Udaan.

The field track and events that followed, awakened the House spirit and generated heightened emotional response from the student participants and their parents. The competing students representing their Houses-Challengers, Pioneers, Voyagers and Explorers- gave it their all to bring laurels and glory to their teams.

Medals and certificates for the winners were distributed by enthusiastic parents and grandparents. The sports events organised for the parents witnessed great response, with zealous parents participating in large numbers, exhibiting intense fervour and passion.

The closing ceremony March past rounded off the day's events in a grand and imposing style.

Parent Orientation

As the students of Grade 6 enter the threshold of secondary school, an orientation programme was organised for the parents on 18 June 2016.

The programme began with the principal's address to the gathering. Parents were briefed about the CCE activities and the CBSE initiatives planned for the year.
This was followed by a presentation on the FA and SA assessments for the year by the coordinator, Ms Maya. Parents were also apprised about the scholastic and co-scholastic activities. The orientation programme was informative and served to clarify the doubts of the parents.


The Investiture Ceremony of National public School, HSR Layout, was held on 17th June 2016, wherein the office-bearers of the Student Council were sworn-in. In this impressive ceremony, the mantle of leadership was bestowed upon the School Head-Boy, Gautam Nambiar and Deputy Head Girl Sakshi Chandak.

The ceremony commenced with a melodious rendition of an invocation song, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It was followed by an enthralling Bharatnatyam dance recital. Dr. Bindu Hari, Director NPS Group of Schools, in her inspirational address urged students to take on their social responsibilities, telling them that they were the beacon of hope for the country. Principal Ms. Shefali Tyagi administered the oath.

In his address, the School Head Boy, Gautam Nambiar thanked the school for the trust and faith placed in him and the team. He pledged to uphold the values of the school and promised to strive to achieve higher standards of excellence. National Public School HSR Layout, led by the able team is looking forward to another year of success and glory, where every student endeavours to Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond.

Environment Month

A comprehensive, month long environment sensitisation campaign and activities marked the World Environment Day (Jun 5th), World Oceans Day, ( Jun 8th) and World Day celebrations. The activities focussed on effective ways to combat drought and desertification.

A special assembly on the 'Importance of Environment Conservation' by students of grade 11, on Jun 8th, spearheaded the 'Environment month celebrations'. The principal accepted a sapling from grade 11 students to mark the opening of Environment month.

'Strive' - An electricity conservation campaign was launched, as a part of the celebrations, urging the students and teachers to switch off lights, fans and all electronic gadgets for an hour every Tuesday.

A large scale newspaper recycling drive witnessed a collection of about 3500 kilograms of newspaper, at the end of the month, for recycling.

Various inter class competitions were conducted throughout the month to raise awareness about saving planet earth.

The inter class competition for Grade 6 included a collage on various birds and their nests. Students of Grade 6C were declared winners.

For the students of Grade 7, it was a poster making competition on the topic- 'Healthy Environment for a Disease Free Living'. Students of 7A were proclaimed winners of the competition.

Students of Grade 8 made a power point presentation on 'Healthy Oceans for healthy environment'. Students of grade 8C were announced winners of the competition.

Grade 9 participated in a seminar and presentation on 'Droughts and methods of mitigating them'. Students conducted extensive research on how droughts are caused and how they can be prevented. Students of 9C were declared winners.

Students of Grade 10 presented a collage on 'Wildlife Protection Act'. The students, through the collage, presented all the provisions of the act, listed all the endangered species and discussed the measures we need to take to prevent extinction of fauna. 10A and 10C students were declared joint winners of the event.

Grade 11 presented a seminar and group discussion on conversion of barren lands to usable lands. Students discussed case studies on how barren land had been converted to fertile usable land by the use of technology. Students of11 B were pronounced winners of the event.

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