npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  About The School : Facilities Offered
NPS, HSR Layout has set very high standards for itself and firmly believes that a strong infrastructure is necessary for educational excellence.


Each classroom at NPS HSR Layout is extremely spacious, with plenty of natural light and ventilation. The classrooms, as indeed the entire campus are wired and are capable of supporting the use of state of the art equipment like LCD projectors and smart boards to facilitate effective delivery of the curriculum. The walls are lined with bulletin boards which showcase the students' creativity.

npshsr Facilities npshsr Facilities

npshsr Facilities
Covering a 3,000 square foot area, the school is furnished with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology laboratories, which are all wholly equipped to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

Students are encouraged to undertake projects and research outside the purview of the syllabus, in order to stimulate and nurture a mindset of curiosity about scientific phenomena.

npshsr Facilities
  • The reading programme is the pivotal point of education in NPS.
  • rm view that the ability to communicate skillfully and precisely go a long way in contributing to the success of an individual.
  • Mastery over a language is imperative for effective communication and undeniably, the most obvious way to begin this process is from the school library.
  • Equipped & Geared with over 20,000 volumes of an exhaustive assortment of books, the library caters to the requirements of the faculty and the students by providing them with a reading room fro relaxation and a reference section for serious research.


The Reading Room amply supplements the school Library in providing the Primary students an opportunity to engage in purposeful reading, while exposing them to a variety of genres of children's literature. The Reading Room houses an exhaustive collection of graded books, both from India and abroad, that form an invaluable resource for implementing the Reading Programme in the Primary Years.

The Reading Programme at NPS HSR Layout is designed to encourage young minds to inculcate the reading habit, explore the joy of learning, to share experiences of writers with other readers and to journey across time and space effortlessly. It also encourages them to use these experiences to explore their own creativity in art and by writing their own scripts and dabbling in theatre.

The Programme also aims to expose children to a range of children's literature with special focus on Indian folk lore, tradition and history. Books are chosen from renowned publishers like Tulika, Pratham, Harper Collins, Scholastic etc who have fine tuned the art of publishing attractive children's books.

The relaxed and colourful environment of the Reading Room ensures that reading remains an enjoyable activity that every child looks forward to.


The school has a full fledged multi purpose auditorium. This auditorium is extensively employed for functions, debates, quiz programmes, shuttle badminton, table tennis etc., depending on the time available to the students.

npshsr Facilities
The audio-visual room is equipped with a multimedia projector for students to make presentations.
These enable students to interact with other areas of information technology and enhance their exploring and learning process.

npshsr Facilities

NPS has an exclusive computer centre in a well-equipped and well-furnished hall with around 80 state-of-the-art laptops with multimedia, internet facilities and other technology.

The curriculum is designed to equip the students to be proficient in technology required for studying design, software developments, and various languages.


npshsr Facilities A well-equipped Math Lab at NPS, HSR Layout, provides students with the opportunity to have fun with numbers.

It creates a challenging atmosphere for students to put their mathematical abilities to test and enhances their analytical reasoning and lateral thinking through various games and activities. We instill and develop the observation skills among students to derive formulae. In the Math Lab, games are organized, models made, quizzes conducted, projects exhibited, all learning process done through practical means.

For classes 1 to 8, experiments are done based on the concepts dealt in the syllabus. Various Kits are designed and they are used to derive the formulae. For classes 9 and 10, students work on 20 different math experiments, which are given by NCERT syllabus. They are also marked on the Math Lab activities.


npshsr Facilities The Art Centre at NPS is a hub of creativity. Here, each student is encouraged to explore, discover and express his/her latent artistic skills, under the guidance of a dedicated faculty. The vibrant and colourful displays on every bulletin board are a testimony to the bubbling talent and creativity nurtured here at NPS.

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