npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  Guest Speakers


The Art of Being, a session conducted on the 10th June 2016 by Mr. N.M.Sarma for Grades 11 was all about living in the moment. The students were made aware of the need to manage their emotions in order to be happy.
After this, the enthralled but tired students returned to school, only to narrate their exciting memoir to Shefali ma’am, their Principal. The trip was both fun and educational and something all history students can look forward to.
It motivated them to be mindful and "remain in the present".It was an interactive session and the students enjoyed it very much

Mr. N.M.Sarma


A presentation on Stress Management by Mr. Suresh Nair was held on 3rd June 2016 for the students of Grade 12. The session was an eye-opener for many. Mr. Nair spoke about the adverse effects of stress on the mind and body.
He suggested prioritising work and meditation to combat stress. He emphasized on the importance of balanced food and drinking sufficient water among other things to be able to deal with stress. The students of Grade 12 found the session very useful.

Mr. Suresh Nair


The engaging session on Environment Conservation was conducted by Mr.Harish Bhat on 18th August 2016 for the students of Grades 8, 9 and 10. It focused on how beautifully animals adapt to different climatic conditions, and each adaptation has been produced by evolution. Mr. Bhat spoke about the inherent power present in the creatures in nature. The insights that he gave about creatures like the spiders were truly marvelous. The session encouraged students to realize the super-power in these creatures and they also understood the need to appreciate and respect all creatures in order to preserve them.

Mr. Harish Bhat


On 19th August 2016, the students of grade 2 attended the workshop organized by Ms. Priya Nair on Healthy Food. She gave an impressive presentation on the importance of different food groups. She conducted a quiz to reinforce the concepts. The students answering the quiz got a surprise treat of whole wheat muffins. Students also got a hands on experience on making a healthy snack of choco granola. It was a very informative session.
TO further assess their knowledge on the topic clothers and food, the students of Grade 2 had an activity where every child came dressed in their regional clothes and brought one special regional dish. They spoke about the fabric of their costume and the nutritional value of the dish.


Everyone wants to have a great smile, which is why good oral hygiene is important. On 28th September 2016, the students of Grade 5 had a guest lecturer on ‘Oral Hygiene.’ Dr J. Sridevi, who is a dental surgeon and an active participant of our school ‘Parent Educator Programme,’ enlightened the students about the various causes of tooth decay. Dr. Sridevi used videos to keep the children engaged and captivated. She mentioned ways of protecting and preventing tooth decay and maintaining oral hygiene. She taught the students good oral hygiene techniques. Every student received pamphlets and a toothpaste at the end of the session. It was an enriching experience for the students and teachers.

Money Matters

Students of Grades 3 and 5 attended a guest lecture on 'Money Matters' on 7 th February 2017. It was an engaging session for the students, to instill in them the knowledge to become wise spenders. The session was conducted by Ms. Kirti Sikri, who is a Software Engineer. She also runs a blog, where she writes about the financial aspects of money. Ms. Kirti involved the students in a cooperative learning experience. She gave a lot of information about the currency of different places, demonetization, profit and loss. The students of Grades 3 and 5 enjoyed this enriching session and asked challenging questions. Overall it was a fruitful discussion and informative session.

Budding speaker - Mr.Archit Taneja

On 10 th February, the students of Grade 4 and 5 had an opportunity to meet the budding author Mr.Archit Taneja, a software engineer from Bangalore. He took the children through his two detective book series - 'The Case of the Candy Bandit' and 'The Case of the Careless Aliens'. He spoke to them about the various clues to solve mysteries by dwelling into the minds of authors who write detective stories. It was an interactive session and children loved guessing various clues to get closer to the mystery. Overall it was a challenging session for the inquisitive you minds.

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