npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  Field Trip

History Field Trip

Rise and Shine, early in the morning. The Grade 11 History students of NPS HSR woke up on Monday, full of excitement for the info-training day ahead. They packed their bags and headed to NPS full of energy! When all of them had arrived, Roopa ma’am, their boisterous history teacher, along with Meenakshi ma’am, boarded the compact H6 bus. They began their trip eager and thirsting to acquire knowledge and be transported back in time a 1000 years ago.

First stop, the Gavigangadhareshwara temple- the oldest temple in Bangalore. “Gavi” meaning cave and “gangadhareshwara” meaning the god who held the river ganga in his matted locks; this Vijayanagara-style temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This famous temple originally built by the cholas in the 9th century, was renovated by Kempegowda I, the founder of Bengaluru in the 16th century after being released from prison by the Vijayanagar ruler Ramaraya. Carved out of a single rock, this temple contains four monolithic pillars, like the Damaru and Trishul. There are other idols, such as the Agnimurthi, which is said to cure eye defects when worshipped. On Makara Sankranti day, the temple witnesses a unique phenomenon as sunlight passes through the arc to illuminate the shrine.

Next stop was the Bull Temple. Dedicated to Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva, it is said to be the second biggest temple of Nandi in the world. According to folk tradition, the construction of the temple by Kempegowda stopped the atrocities faced by groundnut farmers, whose produce kept getting trampled by a bull. Hence, every year the first crop of groundnut is offered to the deity. This is called Kadalekai Parishe. The statue of Nandi is carved from a single rock which is 15 feet in height and 20 feet long. The entrance has been expanded into a large gopura. Next to it, is the Dodda Ganapathi Temple. This too houses a large Monolithic statue of Lord Ganesha, about 15 feet in height. Approximately a 100 kg of butter is required to decorate the Lord as he is popularly called as Benne Ganapati. This famous idol is said to grow by 0.5 inch every year.

The history students got the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to visit the seat of power in Karnataka- The Vidhana Soudha. Kengal Hanumanthaiah, the Karnataka Chief Minister at the time, wanted to incorporate Western and Indian styles of architecture in the Vidhana Soudha. The most interesting Fact- the entire construction was carried out by the prisonmates at the Bengaluru Jail, who were then granted a general pardon. The central dome is crowned by the Indian emblem. This building also has all the offices of all the important government officials and dignitaries, including the CM. The meetings of the Upper House, the Vidhana Parishad, are held here. The history students even had the chance to attend a small part of the all-important budget session, and witnessed the grueling discussion between the Ruling Party and the opposition.

The final place on the checklist was Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. A great example of Indo-Islamic architecture, its construction was commenced by Haider Ali in 1781 AD and completed by his son Tipu ten years hence. After Tipu’s death in 1799 AD, the British used the palace as a secretariat. The entire structure is made of teak. Here is a picture of Tipu’s famous jewel-studded throne, which he vowed never to sit on until the British were thrown out of India. The room on the ground floor has been converted into a tiny museum dedicated to Tipu’s memory, and even shows us the replica of the famous mouthpiece of Tipu, indicating a tiger pouncing on the British, so as to indicate Tipu dominating and throwing the British out of India.

After this, the enthralled but tired students returned to school, only to narrate their exciting memoir to Shefali ma’am, their Principal. The trip was both fun and educational and something all history students can look forward to.

Modern Bread Bakery

To view thousands of loaves stacked up and be able to see automated handling process was an awe inspiring and fun learning experience for the students. Students of Grade 3 visited the Modern Bread Factory on 8th September, 2016. The tour of the plant was conducted to impart to the students the knowledge about bread production and to emphasize on the importance of nutrition. The most exciting part of the tour was viewing the complete facilities and the step-by-step process of baking bread. No student left the factory without their good poses with a bread sample. No wonder, the students cannot forget this field trip.

Agri Tour

On the 8th of October students of grade 9 were taken on an educational trip to ‘Agri Tour’ at kanakpura road. The field trip enabled the students understand the potential importance of agriculture in nation building. They learned about farming eco system, agricultural methods, irrigation methods, grafting techniques, green house cultivation and rain water harvesting. The field trip also provided them the opportunity to learn about crop rotation, multiple crop rotation, green manure production, biological pest control and companion planting. Feeding livestock, riding on tractors, climbing trees - the field trip introduced them to the simple and rustic village life and provided them the opportunity to connect with their roots.

Krispy Kreme -Grade 2

To sugar coat Grade 2 student’s knowledge about one of their favourite snack, we took them to a Krispy Kreme Doughnut factory in Koramangala. Due to space constraint, we had two batches. One on 21st and the other on 22nd September, 2016. We were welcomed by the courteous staff of the shop wearing a Krispy Kreme hat. For the 'Decorate your very own doughnut activity', gloves were given to each child emphasizing the importance of hygiene. Each child was given a doughnut which was dipped in chocolate sauce and topped with the sprinkles of their choice. After satisfying their taste buds, the students were all set to learn the recipe of a perfect churro. They learnt that Krispy Kreme uses the best quality ingredients which makes them stand apart. To spice it up, the Krispy Kreme staff arranged for foot tapping music that made this the most enjoyable experience.

Places Of Worship - Grade 1

As part of their EVS curriculum, the students of Grade I went on a field trip to 'Places of worship ' on 19th September. They visited the temple first. They saw the main deity. The morning Pooja had just commenced. The Pooja was accompanied by drum beats n ringing bells. The students partook in the blessings of the holy fire. Students were taken around the temple and various little temples in the premises were visited. It was a very sacred place and they all had to be very quiet.

After the temple, the students were taken to the church. In stark contrast to the noise and revelry of the temple, the church was silent and serene. Here the students knelt at the pew and saw the dias where the ‘Father’ addresses the congregation. The Holy Bible was there in the church. The beautiful stained glass windows enthralled the students. It was a beautiful experience.

The main objective of this visit was to learn that though there are differences in the way prayers are offered in a church and a temple, the common denominator is to be respectful and appreciative of different religions. The field trip was informative and interesting for the students.

Field Trip to Gurudwara - Grade 1

On 24th October 2016, the students of Grade 1 visited the Gurudwara in Ulsoor, which is the place of worship for the Sikhs. This was an extension to their EVS lesson ‘Festivals’. All the children used a scarf to cover their head before they entered the Gurudwara. While the students observed the colourful interiors of the splendid monument, a person from the Gurudwara gave them some insight on the core beliefs and practices of Sikhism. Everyone, relished the ‘karah prasad’ before they started their journey back to school. It was an enriching experience for all the students as they all learnt more than what the textbooks had to offer.

Adventure Trip

Students of grade 9 were taken on an adventure camp on 16 th November to Muthurayanabetta. Nestled in the outskirts of Bangalore, the idyllic place served as a perfect destination for an adventure getaway. Attractions at the camp included trekking, caving, rock climbing and rappelling. Students were accompanied by professionals, with more than a decade's experience, who ensured their safety. The camp at the quiet country side provided a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday existence. Students thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush the trip provided.

Grade 1 Field Trip to Supermarket

A key part of learning is 'doing' and a visit to the M.K.Ahmed Super Market on 7th November 2016, allowed students to apply classroom learning to an interactive setting. It also got them to know that shopping can be an educational experience. Lasting for 45 minutes, this trip helped students undertake enquiry learning into specifics like label reading, product placement, product comparisons etc. The inquisitive students quizzed the store manager and learned about various aspects of the store.

At the end of the trip the students had an enriching experience and were thrilled that supermarkets and other errands are potential learning opportunities.

A Trip to McDonalds

On 6 th December 2016, the students of Grade 1 went on an educational field trip to McDonalds as part of their lesson ‘Food we Eat’. The children have been experiencing different foods as part of their food week. The trip was an opportunity to discuss fast food. Children enjoyed visiting their favourite food joint. They were welcomed by Ronald McDonald with his giant smile. The tour started with the kitchen. Our guide, Mr. Gaurav took us to see the fryers used for cooking fries and chicken nuggets, freezer and the separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian counters. Once the tour concluded, the children put on the gloves and a hat and enjoyed making their own Aloo Tikka burgers. Once they were done assembling, they all headed upstairs to the restaurant to enjoy their meal. It was a delightful trip for all.

Rainwater Harvesting - Grade 3

The students of Grade 3 visited the 'Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park' in Jayanagar on 9 th December, 2016. They watched a short documentary on water conservation. They were then taken on a gallery walk which portrayed awareness about the benefits and methods of rainwater harvesting. This experience enhanced their knowledge on the importance of rainwater harvesting in our day to day life.

Historical Wonders

Unibicbiscuit Factory - Grade 4

Students of Grade 4 went on a field trip to UNIBIC BISCUIT FACTORY, Bengaluru on January 6 th 2017. It was a part of their Social Studies curriculum - Large Scale and Small Scale Industries. The students were encouraged to observe the kind of machinery and manpower used in a large-scale industry. The students also learnt about the process of biscuit making in a factory, the raw materials used, the packing process and finally the specifications required for finished products to be sold in the market. Samples of different varieties of biscuits handed out to the students made this field trip all the more exciting.

Picnic To Khedha Resort

On 25th November and on 2nd December 2016, the students of Grade 2,3, 4 and 5 went for a picnic to the ‘Garden Asia Resort’ and ‘Khedha Resort.’ On reaching there, the students were treated to hot and delicious breakfast. After their breakfast, they got into their circle of friends and played various games such as football, badminton, Cricket etc. At noon, the students had a scrumptious lunch, which rejuvenated them. The students also participated in various games that were organized for them. When it was time to leave, the students feasted on some ice-cream. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a fun filled, memorable day for them.

Butterfly Park - Grade 4

As a part of enhanced learning, the students of Grade 4, visited the Butterfly Park on 28th October, 2016. Butterfly Park is located within the Banerghetta Biological Park. The park also has the significance of housing the first ever butterfly conservatory in India. The entrance is shaped like a huge butterfly, which looked magnificent. It is a dome shaped structure with a landscaped garden, to house butterflies throughout the year.

The students saw as many as 25-30 butterflies flying around along with great flora. The conservatory lead to a second and third dome, which housed a museum containing dioramas and exhibits of carefully preserved butterflies and its life cycle, which was indeed quite educative for kids They had a chance to see pictures on the life cycle of a Butterfly i.e. from the eggs, the caterpillars, pupa and finally butterfly. The students viewed a documentary on the various aspects of a butterfly. They gathered and noted down a lot of information on butterflies, thereby enhancing their biological knowledge. The trip was indeed an educative and enjoyable one.

Garden Asia Resort - Grade 1

The students of Grade 1 went for a picnic to ‘Garden Asia Resort’ on 13 th January, 2017.

All were very excited about being outdoors as it provided them with a required relief from the daily routine.

Children enjoyed many games and activities on the lush green ground in the open sunshine. Trees and shrubs adorn the place and everyone enjoyed in the midst of nature.

The students enjoyed the hot, delicious breakfast and splendid spread at lunch was served followed by cakes and ice creams. Light refreshments were served to all on our way back to school. After enjoying the picnic all students feel fresh and take up their daily activities with renewed vigour. The memory of this wonderful picnic will last forever.

Girias Children's Explorium

Science is a system of acquiring knowledge through observation and experimentation. Keeping this in mind the students of Grade 1 went on a field trip to Girias Children’s Explorium on 25 th January. 2017.

All the children were divided into different groups. Each group was given a name as Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Moon and Sun. The exhibits of this place were exciting, safe, challenging and invited exploration. It also encouraged their curiosity and investigated their learning experiences. By the end of the trip, the little students of Grade 1, took back with them the questioning and problem solving skills. It was an enriching experience for all the students.


The children of KG 2 went on what can be called a delicious trip to Krispy Kreme(doughnut production unit) on the 19 th January, 2017.

They saw the different machines used in the making of the doughnuts and learnt about them. They had a hands-on experience of dipping fresh doughnuts into chocolate and garnishing them with colour sprinkles and chocolate chips.

It was an exciting experience for them as they also got a chance to eat whatever they made.

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