npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore


National Public School believes in cultivating and developing creativity and life skills in the children.

Through various co-curricular pursuits such as dance, music, painting, theatre, quiz, debates, yoga, taekwando and aerobics, children learn the skills of team work, leadership, communication, organization of intra school and inter school competitions and programmes, and the discipline of repetitive drill and practice required to perfect an art.

    npshsr Co curricular
    npshsr Co curricular
  • Sports is elemental to the curriculum on NPS.
  • Students are offered facilities for sports such as basketball, throwball, volleyball, table tennis, chess and badminton.
  • They are also exposed to athletics, high jump, long jump short put and other affiliated activities.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in cricket, soccer, swimming and the like, through clubs and coaching centres in the city, owing to limited facility within the campus of the school for these sports.
  • NPS is committed to imparting a strong foundation to the students of grades 1-5, in various disciplines such as English, Mathematics, Social Science, Life Science, Language Studies, Environmental Science and Information Technology.
  • A continuous and comprehensive assessment pattern has replaced the traditional exertion of examinations in the primary years programme.
  • In order to remove the tedium of the traditional 'chalk and talk' technique of teaching, group discussions, seminars, projects and several unique resources have been developed on the lines of the 'do and learn' technique. This makes the entire learning process a thoroughly enjoyable one.
  • Yoga, music, craft, cookery and a host of other such activities are weaved into the curriculum framework, in order to expose the children to pursuits other then mere academics.

Age appropriate field trips are organized for the students from Grades 1 to 12, to complement concepts taught in class.

Students from the kindergarten level to grade 8 are taken on one-day picnics - during these picnics, text books are consciously forgotten and, merriment and jollity are the only pursuits.

Recognizing the need for senior students to unwind and relax, and to provide them with an atmosphere of unqualified camaraderie and entertainment, 3-4 day excursions are organized for grade 9-12, to locations outside Bangalore.


npshsr Co curricular npshsr Co curricular


npshsr Co curricular npshsr Co curricular

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