npshsr school bangalore

npshsr school bangalore

  Class Assemblies

Grade 10 B

The Qualities of a True Gentleman was the topic for the class assembly of Grade 10 B. The students depicted the virtues of an ideal gentleman through short skits depicting propriety, magnanimity, compassion and valour. The quizon current events was very interesting. It was based on the idea that a perfect gentleman is always well informed and is aware of the world around him. The presentation of the news was also quite innovative and appealing.

Grade 5 A

"Growth Mindset"

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop". 
Confucius On the 8th of November the students of Grade 5 A presented a class assembly on the topic " Growth Mindset". Ms. Carol Dweck was the profounder of this term. People believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. The assembly consisted of a skit ( Where the scenes portrayed were taken from our classrooms), news snippets, a song and inspirational quotes. The assembly ended with a quiz, to judge the audience listening skills. The audience too appreciated the sincere efforts put in by the students.

Grade 2 B

The students of Grade 2 B presented their assembly on 12 th January 2017 on the festival "Pongal" rejoicing and appreciating the hardwork and dedication of our farmers. The students depicted the significance of the four auspicious days of pongal which is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm in Tamilnadu - A southern state of India, also supporting the "Kisan Swaraj Yatra" movement to bring awareness of its existence and help make a better nation. Students showcased themselves in colourful costumes and created a festive mood all through the assembly.

Grade 8 A

0n 1February 2017, Grade 8 A presented their class assembly ‘Swinging 60’. The assembly highlighted the important historical events in the landmark year of 1960. The class assembly provided the students the opportunity to showcase their singing, dancing and acting talents. The assembly concluded with a dance and a live music of the 60s.

Grade 2 C

Grade 2C had their assembly on 10 th January, 2017. The students dressed as Mr. Sugar and Ms. Oily gave the students the message of reducing excess sugar and oil from their daily diet. Children carried props representing carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and proteins. The significance of a food pyramid was reinforced. Students dressed as a chef and a dietician shared tips on healthy food. All the students spoke with a lot of confidence and poise. The otherwise mundane topic was made interesting with songs and dances. To ensure that the message reached the audience, quizmasters conducted a quiz at the end of the show.

Grade 1 D

To raise the awareness on bees and why they are important to us and to the wider ecosystem, the assembly of Grade 1 D had a theme on 'The Pollinators'. The assembly started with a dance on 'Here comes the Sun'. An entertaining skit depicted the importance of bees in our ecosystem. In the end, all the students joined in for a group song ‘I am bringing home the baby bumble bee'. It was an informative and an entertaining assembly.

Grade 1 A

The students of Grade 1A presented their assembly on following bed time rituals which would ensure a good night’s sleep titled aptly, ‘Good night, Sleep tight' on 30 th January, 2017. Encouraging others to either listen to a lullaby or a story or maybe read a book coupled with healthy habits of brushing their teeth and wearing fresh night clothes, they did it all. They also displayed an array of fashionable night wear in 'Snooze Time Fashion'. A melodious lullaby was sung and an ode to the moon was presented in the form of a dance. They discussed the bedtime rituals followed across Grades 1 to 5 in an innovative quiz form. The students reiterated that bedtime rituals complemented with good eating habits and exercise, ensured a sound sleep. All the students spoke clearly and confidently from the time they took center stage.

Grade 1 B

Cartoons we all love them, no matter what our age, we all watch them. The students of Grade 1 B presented their class assembly on 'Amazing Cartoons' on 2 nd February, featuring different cartoons. Students were dressed as different cartoon characters such as, Chota Bheem, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse and many more. Through a dance, drama and song, the little ones performed confidently and made sure that everyone learnt a few valuable lessons from our favourite cartoon characters. There was a fun quiz too. The assembly concluded with a happy song and a reminder for all, to have a laughter dose every day.

Grade 2 D

On 24 th January 2017, the students of Grade 2D presented their class assembly on 'Republic Day'. The students were dressed up as national leaders and confidently spoke about the difference between Republic Day and Independence Day. The girls in ethnic lehengas, set the patriotic mood by dancing enthusiastically. The quiz was the highlight of the show in which the students represented eminent personalities from diverse fields. The assembly concluded with a melodious rendition of a foot-tapping song by the students.

Grade 1 C

"A friend who understand your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile". On 7 th February 2016, the students of Grade 1 C, presented their class assembly on 'Friendship'. Each and every student participated in a skit, song and a dance. They conveyed the importance of friends in our life. It was a funfilled assembly and the audience was thoroughly entertained.

Grade 11 A

Class 11 A presented their assembly on the topic "Being Responsible" on 9 November 2016. Students performed a short skit showing the consequences of irresponsible behavior in a student’s life. The quiz included questions on famous personalities who have demonstrated responsible behavior in their lifetime for the larger good of the society or the country.

Grade 8 C

Grade 8c, on 8 February 2017, explored the world of advertisements through their assembly. The students recreated the joy and the magic of the popular yesteryear commercials. The taglines and the jingo had the audience in rapt attention. The quiz comprised an interesting admixture of logos, jingles and background scores of well-known advertisements, based on which the audience were to identify the brands. In addition, the students also performed a live music of the song 'The Final countdown'.

Grade 7 B

Grade 7b presented their assembly for the year themed ‘Black and White’on 13 th Jan 2017. Through a dance drama of witches and princess, symbolic of the good and evil respectively, the assembly hammered home the message- good and evil are merely two sides of the same coin. The battle between good and evil is eternal and pervasive, notwithstanding the sense of morality ingrained in each of us. The triumph of good is, then, a choice we make. The assembly also took the audience through the history of the ominous Friday the 13 th . A relevant thought for the day and a brain racking quiz brought the assembly to a close.

Grade 7 C


On 18 th January 2017, Grade 7 C put up their assembly on the theme ‘Then and Now’. The students depicted the timelessness of values like honesty, integrity and many such. The assembly reiterated the importance of these time tested values through an entertaining skit. The skit also presented a contrast in value systems and cultural practices of then and now. It urged the audience to leverage the best practices of all generations and thus allow these practices to constitute the core of our belief systems. The assembly concluded with a fusion dance that incorporated the signature dance styles of each of the different generations.

Grade 4 B

When a leopard entered a school in Bengaluru and attacked six people, it made headlines all over the world. No life was lost in this incident but animals straying into cities are not uncommon in India.  To generate a general awareness about the preservation of fauna the students of 4B presented an informative and inspiring assembly on the theme 'Man vs. Animal.' Through this assembly, the students focused on sensitizing other children about animal conservation and how we all can together save animals and forests. The students displayed a variety of acts in the form of dance, drama, panel discussion and quiz.  The programme culminated with a foot tapping song, 'Heal the World' and a vote of thanks. The message of 'Man with animal' and not 'Man vs. Animal' was clearly conveyed.

Grade 8 B

Republic Day

The students of Grade 8 B put up their class assembly on the theme of Republic Day on the eve of Republic Day. It was a blend of a skit, dances and a poem. The students put up a skit on the framing of the Constituent Assembly. Students created a time machine and used it to go into the future and view our country without a Constitution. The state of affairs motivated the members of the constituent assembly to frame a constitution. The students highlighted another aspect of Republic Day, which is the parade. The students showcased dances from 5 states of India to emulate the floats in the Republic Day parade. As a mark of respect to the armed forces, a poem was composed by a student to honour them

Grade 7 A

As a tribute to the armed forces, class 7A presented their assembly on the topic 'Indian Army'. The assembly started with a solemn oath taken by a soldier, followed by an informative skit based on the life of an Indian soldier. After that news was presented and audience’s general knowledge was tested. The assembly ended with a musical homage to the great martyrs of the Indian army.

Grade 6 D

On Dec 21, 2016, the students of Grade 6D presented their class assembly on Christmas. Santa Claus engaged in an insightful discussion with the students of NPS HSR in the Talk Show cum Quiz. Subsequently, he made a visit to TISB to interact with the children of different nationalities there, and learnt how Christmas is celebrated in their country. His visit to NPS HSR to felicitate the winners of Founder's Trophy generated a lot of enthusiasm among the students. The interactive sessions were interspersed with music and a dance performance.

Grade 2 A

On 6 th December 2016, Grade-2A presented their class assembly on the topic,' Champions.' All 30 students roared together in a true champion way and explained that champions motivate, envision and inspire by putting in their best effort! They thanked the support staff of the school and saluted the soldiers of our country as they are the true champions who work for us day in and day out. How could Santa Claus the champion of the Christmas spirit be left out. The students were in for the surprise element in the form of Santa Claus himself. The quiz and the thank you note concluded the assembly on a high note.

Grade 12 A

"If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run, yours is the earth and everything that's in it". These words of Rudyard Kipling formed the basis of the assembly of Class 12 A. The class assembly titled 'Know your Calendar' exhorted the students to make the most of every waking moment. The assembly was interspersed with humorous and informative skits on how the Gregorian calendar came into being. The assembly had interesting anecdotes on how in earlier times leap days were used by many men to their advantage. The news was presented in a novel way. It went in a flash. The message 'Harness every minute' was well received by all.

Grade 12 B

A child desires independence fervently and struggles to achieve it. This rings true especially with teenagers, young birds who must learn to leave the nest. But this independence comes with a lot of responsibility. Through short skits, the students of 12 B conveyed very effectively the ill effects of leading sheltered lives, in their class assembly 'Being Independent'. The audience were also quizzed on their knowledge of the city of Bangalore.

Grade 10 B

0n the 24th of June 2016, Class 10A presented their assembly on the theme of 'RESPECT'. The message was imparted through skits, drawn from different life scenarios. Each skit was followed by a speech, reinforcing the message conveyed through the skits. The skits touched upon issues such as respecting parents, teachers and all elders. The assembly reiterated the fact that all human beings deserve respect and dignity. The assembly also included a quiz, a powerful thought of the day and news. It had a heart - warming and an emotional message and it struck a chord with the audience.

Grade 10 C

"Every struggle in life shapes you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger."

0n the 20th of July 2016, the students of class 10C presented their assembly - "In the darkest nights, shine the brightest stars". -'No matter how hard things may get or how many obstacles come your way, with determination and perseverance, you can turn your dreams into reality. Echoing this thought, the students performed a skit revolving around three famous personalities who faced several challenges and obstacles in their lives before finally tasting success - JK Rowling, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Rajnikanth. The message was imparted through the recurring character of an old Man teaching three teenagers this important life lesson and detailing to them the hardships faced by these iconic people. From the humorous roleplay of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, to the enthralling dance performance, the assembly was packed with action and entertainment. The motivational song "Try Everything" rounded off the assembly in a melodious and impressive style.

Grade 5 B

Charlie Chaplin very rightly said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." Keeping this thought in mind, the students of Grade 5B presented a remarkable and enjoyable assembly on 8th September 2016, on the topic, "Laughtertainment." The whole show was filled with an array of dance, skit and group song. The skit showcased  an interview of famous comedians . It exuded humour and evoked laughter. The audience too appreciated the sincere efforts put in by the students.

Grade 9 A


“People who indulge in deception and debauchery are devoid of success.” Grade 9A presented their class assembly on the theme of deception and the havoc that it wreaks in our lives. The assembly portrayed some of the most infamous acts of deception. The recreation of ‘Diego Maradona’s iconic ‘Hand of God’ goal and a few other acts of deception drove home the message of the assembly- Deception breeds ignominy and disgrace. The instrumental accompaniments employed added to the splendor of the assembly. The assembly was well received by the audience.

Grade 9 B

On the 24th of October grade 9B presented their class assembly on the theme 'Forensic Science- Techniques and Procedure'. The assembly revealed how crime investigations have moved from the mere theory of deduction to the complex and thought provoking process of forensic analysis. The rib-tickling yet informative assembly took the audience through various techniques and procedures of forensic analysis which included, forensic graphology, crime reconstruction, blood stain pattern analysis, and motive and statement analysis. The assembly had the right mix of information and fun. The clever and ingenious puns and witty dialogues left the audience in splits.

Grade 9 C

Triggered by the song “This is Bengaluru” by Rinosh George, Grade 9C embarked upon its journey to put up its assembly for the year titled - "NAMMA BENGALURU. The assembly had a perfect balance of humour and entertainment. The script consisted of a grandmother reading a humungous and boring book on Bengaluru, but to her surprise characters like Kempe Gowda and Vidhan Soudha emerge out of the book and educate her on the various features of Bengaluru. Humour, dance, drama, music and information-the assembly had it all.

Grade 5 C

On 22nd September 2016, the students of Grade 5C presented their class assembly on ‘Hey! Listen Up!’ Through humorous situations, students conveyed the message that if one listens and pays attention, it becomes easy to connect with people, understand them. A mock interview with our very own Arnab Goswami brought out the importance of listening to others view point. The assembly concluded on a musical note where students rendered a melodious song on ‘Listening.’ The students enjoyed putting up the assembly and their energy was palpable. The audience too was kept engaged throughout. A quiz was conducted to ensure that the audience was listening and not just hearing.

Grade 4 A

Diwali is the ‘Festival of Lights’ celebrated all over India with joy. The students of Grade 4A portrayed this through their class assembly Diwali – The Festival of Lights on Tuesday, 25th October 2016. The students beautifully put across the meaning and significance of Diwali through a clear narration and role play. A Hindi poem was recited with clarity and fluency, by the students. The students also conveyed the message that Diwali should be celebrated safely and responsibly. The assembly presentation ended with the students’ melodious rendition of the foot-tapping song ‘Sab Ke Liye Happy Diwali’.

Grade 3 A

The theme for 3A's class assembly on 1 st October 2015 was ‘Mohan to Bapu.' The students proved that 'Gandhigiri' is indeed possible in today’s time. They showcased their talent by presenting key events that were instrumental in transforming Gandhiji from Mohan to Bapu. The song on Gandhiji’s three monkeys followed by a quiz entertained the audience and gave them a good insight into the Mahatma's life.

Grade 6 A

0n the 30th of November 2016, Grade 6 A presented their class assembly on the theme 'START SOMETHING NEW'. It may be daunting to start something new but it is rewarding all the same- The 6A assembly pivoted on this message. The assembly began with a skit on famous scientists and inventors, who have inspired us to think differently and start something new. This was followed by a fashion show on influential innovators who changed the way we live our lives today. The assembly also included a quiz, a relevant thought for the day and news update. The assembly culminated with a rap song - 'Start Something New' composed by the students of the class.

Grade 11 C

On 28 November 2016, grade 11c presented their assembly on the theme 'Superheroes'. Superhero movies and superheroes had peaked in popularity in the year gone by. They had always held us in awe. The assembly, providing a reality check, conveyed the message 'superheroes are humans after all'. The assembly began in a typical suburban household, with a child watching a superhero movie on the television, when she is interrupted by her parents for the remote. They flip through channels before finally settling on the news broadcast. True to life, the news broadcast is interrupted by advertisements. The TV commercials portray superheroes endorsing mundane products and taking recourse to these products for their everyday existence, driving home the message that superheroes are no different from us. The assembly effectively delivered the message -'Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary'.

Grade 4 C

Grade 4C presented their assembly when Karnataka, our very own state wore a festive look celebrating their statehood in the month of November. On 3 rd November 2016, an array of popular kannada personalities were portrayed by the students of Grade 4C with pride and enthusiasm. The assembly commenced with Kuvempu’s popular verses being quoted by the students in the regional language. The glorious history of Karnataka was showcased in the form of a narration, speech and interview. The assembly culminated with an exhilarating dance performance to the tune of a kannada song. The students were awed at the contribution of Karnataka towards the marvelous heritage of India.

Grade 6 C

"Every day might seem like an ordinary day, however, birthdays are extra special and worth celebrating". The enthusiastic students of grade 6C presented an assembly on this very special theme “BIRTHDAY” on 19th December 2016. The assembly began with an unhappy Minnie censuring people for forgetting her birthday. This was followed by snippets of birthday celebrations at various stages of life. The assembly then provided a display of all events that have taken shape in NPS HSR ever since 2008. A melodious song brought the entertaining assembly to an end.

Grade 11 B


Fear - the crippling sensation that sends you reeling, eats away the words from your mouth and make your hair stand at an end.

11 B's assembly showcased a unique perspective on fear. They portrayed it as a necessary evil, which played a major role in shaping the course of history. They acknowledged how critical it is to one’s survival, while also giving helpful advice on how to overcome the fears one faces everyday.

Grade 3 D

Rivers-Treasures of India

On 29 th November 2016, students of Grade 3 D presented their class assembly on Indian Rivers. They showcased their talent by presenting mythological stories behind the origin of rivers in the form of a skit and graceful dances. They also sang a melodious song on rivers. They enjoyed quizzing the audience. Their presentation was well appreciated.

Grade 3 C

On 1 st December 2016, the students of Grade 3C put up their class assembly on the topic 'Eat clean…Be Lean.' The students were extremely confident and put up a great show for the audience. The assembly began with a short narration on why we avoid exercises in our lives. This was followed by a demonstration and a description on the different various exercises. The high energy and enthusiasm of all the participants kept the students entertained. The audience joined in this attempt to be fit and did aerobics on some foot tapping music. The vote of thanks concluded the assembly on a strong note.

Grade 3 B



On 22 nd November 2016, the students of class 3B presented their assembly- 'Happiness'. Students conveyed the message that, happiness is not measured by material wealth. A new car, television or a big house does not equate to joyful feelings. The cliched phrase, "money can't buy happiness," was demonstrated in the form of a skit. Students spread the fragrance of 'Happiness' through a series of events by reciting poems and telling a story about the 'Search of Happiness'. A foot tapping dance performance on a famous number rounded off the assembly.

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